Electrochemical Science and NanoTechnology Group

  • M.Sc. IIT, Bombay, Mumbai, India (1988)
  • Ph.D. TIFR, Mumbai, India (1988-94)
  • Professional Experiences:
    1. UDCT golden Jubilee Post Doctoral Fellow, UICT, Mumbai, India (1994-95)
    2. DST: BOYSCAST Postdoctoral Fellow University of Texas at Austin, USA (2000-01)
    3. Fullbright-Nehru Senior Research Fellow, Radiation Lab.University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA (2013-14)
    4. Adjunct Professor, Radiation Lab., University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA (2014)

Dr. Haram has basic expertise in the field of physical chemistry with specialization in electrochemistry and Materials Science. After brief association with Mumbai University, he joined the Department of Chemistry, Pune University as Associate Professor in 2003 and then become a Professor in 2009.

The main motto of his research group is to use the electrochemical methods for the development of nanophase systems having applications in the field of energy, environment amd health. The current research topics of interest are

  • Voltammetry and photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) investigations on Q-dots having applications in solar cells.
  • Graphene oxide and reduced graphine oxide metals/semiconductor composites for HER and OER applications.
  • Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) investigations on carbon based modified electrodes.
  • Development of composite materials for glucose and NO2 sensors applications.
  • Development of composite materials for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) applications.